Other Ways to get Business Online

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I know it has been a while since by last post. However, there is a good reason for this. First, I have been working on my new website design. And second, I have been extremely busy working on project for my clients. And to be honest, it does look like it will be slowing down any time soon.

Why have I achieve success as of late? I have taken advantage of finding other ways to get business online.

While many companies put a lot of time and resources into SEO and building their business through social media circles, I have taken a different route that has yielded good result for me.

And, what is this method?

Posting ads on Craigslist and Kijiji! I know that many of you are probably thinking that I am kidding. But, I’m not. To be honest, I have found the major of my clients through posting ads online and these two sites have been the backbone of my prospecting efforts.

I know that many businesses and professionals may think that it is not worth their time or that the type of business they seek is not represented on these sites. The truth is that if you don’t at least take the time to check it out, you may be missing out on that extra business you have been seeking to get your business back on track.

Why does it work so well?

Companies that post and reply to ads on Craigslist or Kijiji are ready to do business. All they are looking for is a good match for their company. You don’t have to spend time trying to sell them. They are ready to buy!!!! You just have to show them how you can help their business.

It’s true that on occasion there are bogus ads and businesses looking for something for nothing, but overall, I have experience great success and guarantee that I will continue to into the future.

If you are interested in learning more about my methods, feel free to contact me through my website http://nolanwilsonfreelance.com or via email info@nolanwilsonfreelance.com and we can set up a consulting appointment.

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A word on website content

Nolan Wilson Freelance logo

A large portion of the freelance writing I do for my clients involves writing website
content. There is no doubting the importance of high quality website content,
especially in wake of the Google Panda updates and the continuous tweaks Google
is making to its search algorithm.

I believe that website content and SEO are not separate entities. For a website to be
effective, and have visibility in search engines, effective and diligent
keyword research must be performed and applied to any content that is going to
appear online.

Keywords and keyword phrases are an essential part of any website. However, overuse of
keywords is not advisable. I believe it is more important to have website
content that flows naturally and includes keywords, rather than forcing awkward
phrases into content for SEO purposes. Yes, keyword phrases need to be included
in content, but not at the cost of quality and relevance.

In terms of website content structure, I am a firm believer in breaking down content
into smaller sections, paragraphs and lists. No one wants to read huge blocks
of text. Besides, most people only scan content for relevant information. They
do not read everything on the page.

Website content also must speak to a specific audience. Depending on the type of users
for a particular site, the wording will vary. I am a firm believer in writing
website content that could be understood by your educated user. This will
ensure that everyone that visits a webpage will be able to understand it

too “high brow” and using complicated terminology
and industry jargon will automatically eliminate your pages relevance for users
that are not at that level.

In short, high quality original web content that is well researched, includes keywords
phrases, speaks to a wide audience, and takes SEO into account is necessary to
create effective web content.

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Writing to me is….

Word Processor

Before I get into my post I just wanted to let you know that today’s post is in conjunction with the Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour. This is a fantastic blog hop that brings together bloggers of all genres, backgrounds and locations. A truly innovative idea that creates
community among writers, bloggers, and readers!

In today’s hop, the blog featured before Nolan Wilson Freelance is 40blogspot found at http://mumugb.blogspot.com/.

The blog featured after Nolan Wilson Freelance is The Riddle of Writing found at http://www.deborahswift.blogspot.com/.

Please take a few minutes to read some of the other blogs. A full list is appended at the end of this post.

Writing to me is my passion and also my career. I fell in love with writing while in high school. I was one of those kids that actually enjoyed writing essays. While I may have
been teased a bit about it then, I am glad that I didn’t let these criticisms affect my decision to be a writer. My skills are now in demand.

Writing to me is structure. The more I write, the more I discover my geeky passion for creating well structured content. I love the structure of writing. This is perhaps why I tend to default to nonfiction writing. I love every step of the process from brainstorming ideas, conducting initial research, creating outlines, and editing the final draft.

Writing to me is continuous learning. I strive to continuously improve my craft and look for new ways to express my ideas and opinions. Relying on one writing style or format limits creativity. I always look for new ways to approach standard pieces of writing.

Writing to me is a challenge.  If you are not challenging yourself with new projects, new topics, and new concepts then you are not reaching your potential. My personal challenge is to find creative ways to write nonfiction content that sets itself apart in an online world that is saturated with below average content.

Writing to me is an underrated skill. While most people know how to write, there are very few that can write engaging and persuasive content that people want to read. Writing clean and concise content that is filled with valuable insights is what separates professional writers from the crowd.

Writing to me is powerful. Writers have the ability to reach large audiences. Writers can influence people with their words, shape public opinion, educate the masses, and leave their mark on society. What you write has more of an impact than you think!

This is what writing is to me. I look forward to reading about your perspective on writing!

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Google +1 your Website

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Have you added +1 to your website yet? If not, I strongly suggest that you do. Here is the link directly from the google site where you can get the code for the button to add to your website: http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1/button/
Also, Check out the introductory video posted on the Google Webmaster website:
The +1 button is just like a Facebook “like” however it is used for search and websites. In a nutshell, the idea behind the +1 is to help users find trusted high quality sites. Essentially, it is a way for users to rank the relevancy of a website. Sites with a high volume of +1’s, in theory will:
  • Be a trusted resource
  • Have high quality content
  • Be a site that you would want to share with others
It is meant to help internet users find great content and allows people who enjoy your content or website to recommend it to others.
The +1 icon:
  • Will appear in search results
  • Can be added to your website
  • Will appear in AdWords Ads

I think Google is definitely going to use this as a quality content indicator in their search algorithm. Having more +1’s is a social indicator, that once it catches on, will help drive more traffic to your website and blog.

This is definitely a MUST ADD to your website.

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Are you on Google Places?

Wordmark of Google Maps

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If you have a small business that is looking to gain some visibility, then you should definitely get on Google Places.

Google Places allows you to create a 100% FREE business profile that will appear on google maps. If you already have a google account it is as simple as going to the google places website and logging in. Follow the steps provided:

  • Add your business location
  • Add your business contact information (email, phone, website)
  • Add your company logo
  • Add a short profile that describes your business
  • Add your business to the appropriate category

Once your profile is created, it will not be activated until your go through the verification process either by phone or by mail.

Your Google Places profile not only allows you to be visible on google maps, it also help make your company more visible in search results. The listing makes it that much more likely that people will contact you, especially if you are in close proximity. And, users will easily be able to get directions to your location.

Your ranking in Places is dependant on the completeness of your profile and the appearance of your profile on other sites online such as your website, social media accounts, and other business directories. Therefore, it is very important that you have the correct information about your business all over the web.

If you want to make your business more visible, get your business on Google Places today!

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A Vision of Collaboration


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I was recently asked a question about what my vision was 20 years from now and how I was going to contribute to that vision. This got me thinking. Well, not at first, as I thought what most people probably do, “I don’t know….”

After I thought about it for a minute, my vision started to become clear. Everyday people are finding new and unique ways to connection with each other. The ability to quickly and easily connect and communicate allows for more collaboration. And, since we are only scratching the surface of the capabilities of social media, it only makes sense that the world 20 years from now will be a very collaborative place.

Why do you think search engines like google and Bing are putting some much work into adding “social search” capabilities? On that note, Facebook has also just been granted a patent for a “social search” technology. These developments will absolutely help make the internet even more collaborative than it is today.

With collaboration comes decentralized. Less and less are people simply sitting back and letting a select few make decisions that impact their lives. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for people to pull the wool over our eyes. Social media helps us spread the word (both positive and negative). This not only creates a greater awareness, it also helps to educate to masses.

So, 20 years from now I envision a more technologically reliant collaborative environment that is deep-rooted in social media and online social spaces.

What are your thoughts? @Nolson17

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When developing an SEO campaign and building a list of keyword, many fail to consider the intent of queries users enter into search engines

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Working Late Tonight

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“Likes” are liked by Google and Bing

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Social Rank and SEO

Social ranking is quickly becoming a very important part of SEO. So, for all of you companies that have yet to get on the social media train, you may want to reconsider. Both Google and Bing have openly admitted that social media ranking factors (i.e. Like and Re-tweets) are a factor in search ranking.

Therefore, your activity level and influence on Facebook and Twitter does impact your ability to rank for certain keywords and related pages. While Google and Bing are only scratching the surface of the impact social ranking will have on SERP’s, now is the time to start factoring in your social media use and presence.

Both Google and Bing claim that your Twitter presence can impact how a page ranks. Just like authoritative pages lend legitimacy to other pages, authoritative twitter users can legitimate pages that they tweet or link to. Google also factors in Facebook page popularity as well.

What does this mean?

Social rankings are a very good indicator of what internet users think to be the most important pages. It is a human indicator of what search engines should consider important. The more “likes” or Re-tweets a page gets legitimize it content and authority for a given topic.

Therefore, look forward to huge developments in social rankings and its impact on search results.

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More Changes Looming for Facebook

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If you haven’t heard, Facebook will be making some changes to its fan pages. If you have a fan page, then you have probably seen the beta version Facebook set up for you to take a look at. Either way, As of March 10, 2011 your fan page will be changed to the new format.

After taking the tour Facebook provided, I have to say that the new layout looks very similar to your personal Facebook page layout.

The thing that was most interesting to me is that is seems that there is less emphasis on the tabs and apps that are available for fan pages. Being moved from a very visible spot across the top of the page to a left side navigation style list seems to take away from a visitor’s ability to find and interact with them. For example, I used one of the tabs for my blog. Now instead of people seeing it instantly, they will have to look around the site to find it – which potentially takes away from the tabs effectiveness as a portal to my blog.

Many people have put a lot of effort into customizing their tabs and FBML pages. It seems weird to me that Facebook would make these less prominent.

Facebook claims that the new layout will bring better communication, more opportunities for expression, and improve relevancy. To be honest, the only benefit I see is being about to interact in other areas of Facebook as my page. However, it would be good if I could somehow import my other Facebook friends to my fan page profile.

The images across the top are new as well. However, unless you are a photographer or graphic designer, they don’t really serve much of a purpose besides displaying your company logo.

If you log onto the update page, there are many people who are not too impressed with the new layout and have issues with many of the new features. But, just like any new application, Facebook will have to work out the bugs and refine the new fan page layout so its users can enjoy all of its new features.

So, looks like a new engagement strategy is in store for the new layout

PS don’t forget to like my new page layout



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